We received the raw data from the 10 year study from the SFO Abatement program. A group of concerned Brisbane citizens have poured over the data and came up with important information regarding the erosion of our quality of life.  It’s clear that the flights over Brisbane have been increasing with regularity. What has jumped off the page is that Brisbane is bearing the brunt of the SFO expansion with over 32% of all departures are flying over our city.  What is even more disturbing is that this trend has been steadily increasing. Another indicator is that since 2000 the percentage of flights flying over Brisbane have increased over 38%.

We prepared some graphs below that outline the issues.

The first graph shows the number of Noise Events per Day during the monitoring period.  Regrettably Brisbane only has 1 monitoring system, we were able to get 3 more temporary monitors installed for a 30 day period.  Our analysis of the data indicates that 1 monitoring system is not sufficient to accurately represent the events.


This graph shows that Brisbane is taking the brunt of the departures for SFO 32% of all flights leaving effect Brisbane. What was shocking to us was SFO was unaware that this was indeed happening. Also SFO is almost achieving pre 9/11 levels of departures and more flights are heading over Brisbane.

This graph indicates that the steady growth of flights over Brisbane. This clearing shows that the flight have increased over Brisbane at alarming rate, with the increase of over 38% from 2000. Again SFO is almost at pre 9/11 levels of departures.

This graph indicates the runways that create the individual noise events and it’s the PORTE3 departures from runway 1L that is the clear problem.

This graph shows the individual noise events at each monitoring site, which shows that the original monitoring site not sufficient to report all the noise events. Clearly we must have accurate monitoring to understand the depth of the problem.


This graph shows the actual flight destination that causes the noise event as most departures are to Las Vegas and Southern CA.