We met with Congresswoman Speier, FAA, SFO and representatives of SFO Roundtable to hear the response to the SFO Roundtable proposal that was submitted in Feb 1st, 2012.  The FAA rejected all the proposals/alternatives procedures for the PORTE3 departure.  They did not offer any alternatives to them.  They did propose to:


1) Create a metric to track the amount of flights that fly over Brisbane

2) Try to alleviate SFO Overnight Departures (10PM-7AM) traffic and weather permitting

  • To gain altitude while flying a 350 heading prior to turning left toward Bisbane
  • To be turned east and proceed on course over SF Bay
  • Overnight southbound departures to fly the entire PORTE Departure route
  • Flights destined PHX, LAS to depart Runway 1 Right


Daytime flights/solutions were not addressed and the FAA feels the following regarding SFORT Alternative Procedures:

  • Would result in decreased safety between SFO & OAK departures
  • Would shift flight tracks from their historical locations, which would require an environmental reveiw
  • Would shift noise from it’s current historical location to other locations, against both FAA and SFORT policy
  • SFO and OAK would see an increase in departure delays to restricted flows
  • Would increase miles flown, resulting in more fuel consumption and additional greenhouse emissions


FAA stated the following as well:

  • Environmental review has not been performed for Alternative Routes
  • Any redesigned routes must avoid noise sensitive area over San Bruno State Park
  • All Alternative Route designs result in moving noise from over one community to over another community
  • FAA does not support moving noise in this manner for the sole purpose of moving noise


Our view is entirely different.  The FAA is has by it’s own admission violated the above with their Vectoring Policy. They acknowledge that suddenly now they can FLY THE ENTIRE PORTE DEPARTURE during nighttime operations.  Obviously they have been vectoring planes needlessly at night.  Why should be believe that they are not doing that during the day?  The FAA is NOT an honest broker and we can only pressure them through our elected officials.