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Talked with Richard Newman Chairperson SFO Roundtable

Spoke with Richard Newman of the SFO Roundtable about our Airport noise issue here in Brisbane. Richard was very willing to work on this with us and felt that we could make meaningful change in resolving/mitigating our noise issue with the SFO/FAA . He’s looking forward to our presentation of the data and believes in principle of what we are stating. He encourages citizens to attend the upcoming Sept 7, 2011 Roundtable meeting as well as the October  5, 2011 meeting here in Brisbane.

Met with Jerry Hill, California19th Assembly District member

We meet Assembly member Jerry Hill at his “Java with Jerry” event on Saturday,  August 20th. Jerry Hill was very accessible and quickly understood the situation immediately.  Our goal is to educate as many public officials at possible and hopefully we’ll get some traction on our issue.

We’ll see what happens.