First of all, I would like to thank the following people for setting up our meeting with FAA:
Sepi Richardson (Brisbane Council) ,  Brian Perkins (Jackie Speier Office), Bert Ganoung (SFO Noise Abatement Program)

Attendees at the meeting were: Sepi Richardson, Clay Holstine, Brian Perkins, Bert Ganoung, Greg Kingery, Peggy Corlett, Marge Bushman, Jeff Zajas

We met at the FAA Office at SFO on Wednesday, January 26th to discuss the recent increase of noise over our Brisbane Community.  Greg Kingery (SFO FAA) and Bert Ganoung conducted the meeting.

To assist with understanding how the Airport/FAA works, Greg outlined how the Airport Runways are situated and which routes affect our city.
The first thing that we learned was that TRACON ( Terminal Radar Approach Control) out of Sacramento is responsible for the routing all planes after they initially take-off. Basically, SFO FAA hands off the plane to Sacramento TRACON immediately and they are responsible for directing the planes.

Another misconception was that planes heading south, are supposed to fly north over the bay and then turn left near Candlestick Point and fly south over the spine of San Bruno Mountain.  This is incorrect.

What the SFO FAA  stated at our meeting is that planes heading south using the PORTE3 route, take off from runway 1L and then do an immediate 20 degree turn heading north for 4 miles (from the center of the Airport) and then make a left over Brisbane (basically the Gazebo in the park).  If there’s a conflict with flights leaving Oakland Airport heading south via Oakland runway 29,  TRACON will instruct the SFO plane to turn left prior to the 4 mile marker and subsequently fly directly over Brisbane.

We requested Bert (SFO Noise Abatement) to isolate the flights that cut short the 4 mile marker and compare it to Oakland Departures from runway 29 to verify that those flights are indeed in conflict.  During our tour of the FAA Tower, we saw three flights take off going south.  Two of the three flights did exactly what Greg (SFO FAA)  thought they should, the third, Southwest Flight SW1834 cut short the route, there wasn’t a departure from Oakland Airport at that time. That plane either flew an inappropriate route or TRACON directed it to cut it short w/o conflicted flight leaving Oakland.

We also requested to meet with representative from TRACON to verify the actual route and try to get further information on who set the 4 mile marker and how can we change it.  Also, how are conflict flights handled between Oakland & SFO as it seems those flights cause more noise. Sepi Richardson has already initiated this meeting.

The meeting was extremely informative and we definitely appreciate all parties for being open with the issue.  When we have more information, we’ll post it on Brisnet &  In the meantime, if you have any noise complaints, please continue to report them. When the number of complaints drops off, the airport assumes that the problem has been solved.  We must stay vigilant, with the expansion of flights out of SFO & Oakland Airport, the situation will erode our quality of life here in Brisbane.

Report Airport Noise by:
Calling SFO Noise Abatement @  650-821-4736

Or file an on-line complaint

Or send an email to