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Senator Boxer, our community needs your help!

SFO departure procedures causing undue stress on the community of Brisbane CA. This issue is correctable, yet the FAA and SFO are dragging their heels. The FAA is not responsive to local pressure requiring intervention at the Federal level. Senator Boxer and her staff have been completely ineffectual and continue to ignore our pleas for help. Contact Senator Boxer @ (202) 224-3453 and let her know that it’s her job to help our community.

Attend the Brisbane Airport Noise Workshop Meeting October 5, 2011

There’s an SFO Roundtable Workshop that’s open to the public to discuss the noise issue that’s affecting our community.  Please attend and voice your concern.


Attended the SFO Roundtable Quarterly Meeting

We spoke to the SFO Roundtable during the opening comments and the agenda item regarding Aircraft Noise over Brisbane. The Roundtable was engaged and wanted to take on the issue. It was very refreshing to see movement in our direction towards a solution to our problem.  The Chairperson definitely ‘got it’ and seemed to have the interests of the other board members. Since the Roundtable has recently came under scrutiny, it’s our belief that really want to have a ‘win’ here and our issue is now on the front burner. There’s a special workshop that will be scheduled in Brisbane and hopefully we’ll see some progress soon.

Met with Congresswoman Speier, FAA & SFO

On September 6, 2011 we met with the Congresswoman, Brisbane City Council representatives, the FAA & SFO regarding the ongoing noise issue in Brisbane.  John Martin, the Director of SFO admitted that there’s an increased volume of traffic that directly effects our community. The Congresswoman pressed the FAA for a solution/relief and is firmly on our side.  Basically , the FAA wants to deflect any changes via the SFO Roundtable, stating that’s the preferred route.  We were able to agree to dual tracts with the FAA working with us via their regional liaison Patty Daniels and submitting a formal request via the SFO Roundtable for possible resolution.  It’s still our contention that the published route is not being followed by the FAA Controllers and that it’s just “easier” for them to turn the planes earlier than to follow the route.  We will continue to press the FAA to follow the published route as that is the “agreement with the community” and anything else is a shifting of noise and possibly a route change without the benefit of an environmental impact study.  We agreed to meet again in 3 months to see if there’s been a change in behavior.

Talked with Richard Newman Chairperson SFO Roundtable

Spoke with Richard Newman of the SFO Roundtable about our Airport noise issue here in Brisbane. Richard was very willing to work on this with us and felt that we could make meaningful change in resolving/mitigating our noise issue with the SFO/FAA . He’s looking forward to our presentation of the data and believes in principle of what we are stating. He encourages citizens to attend the upcoming Sept 7, 2011 Roundtable meeting as well as the October  5, 2011 meeting here in Brisbane.