We met with the FAA at the TRACON facility in Sacramento, Thursday March 31st to discuss the noise situation over Brisbane. This meeting was a continuation of our last meeting at the SFO/FAA meeting of Jan 26th, at which time we were informed that TRACON was responsible for all routing in/out of SFO (and other regional Bay Area Airports).

The meeting was conducted by Patty Daniel (TRACON Manger ) and was attended by: Sepi Richardson, Cliff Lentz, Clay Holstein, Peggy Corlett, Peter Grace, Al Maher, Jeff Zajas, Joe Riedell, Maria Saguisag-Sid, Brian Perkins ( Jackie Speier Office), Brad Lambert & Rob Bendall (Virgin America ), John Berener & Bert Ganoung (SFO Abatement).

After a tour of the facility and a presentation by Ms Daniel about the responsibilities and makeup of TRACON we got to the general discussion of noise over Brisbane.

We presented the group our results of looking at the raw data from the 10 Year study conducted by SFO Abatement program.  TRACON and the SFO Abatement program was unaware of the increase of flights over Brisbane. Our results show that there’s been a 38% increase of flights over Brisbane since Jan 2000.

Peter mentioned that we would like to focus our attention on the flights that’s affecting us on a daily basis ( 1,472 flights in the additional 30 day study period from runway 1L)  and not those occasional flights that wake us up in the middle of the night that are going to the Far East.

These results prompted a discussion of how flights from SFO 1L runway are handled.  Peter Grace pointed out that the flights over Brisbane are not in a tight pattern but dispersed over a wide area not like the other flight patterns.  It was obvious that the planes were turning earlier over our city.  At which point Ms Daniels stated that the the published PORTE3 route was not being followed.

We asked Ms. Daniels why there not being followed and it seems that the capacity/frequency of flights departing out of SFO PORTE3 (runway 1L) are causing the ATC to turn the flights earlier so that they can get on to the next flight.  We asked if this was caused by Oakland flight and she indicated,  “probably not as Oakland traffic is declining”.  So basically it’s just the scheduling/amount of flights leaving SFO.

The representatives from Virgin America verified this by stating that their airplanes are being diverted earlier, and that they pride themselves in the quietest departure procedures in the Airline industry, but are not able to implement them on PORTE3 because they are being turned early (basically 1600ft). Virgin suggested that SFO use the same departure procedure as in Orange County Airport, climbing to 3000 feet prior to turning.  It was noted that is the departure procedure for runway 1R out of SFO.

We also asked if it was possible to stagger the flights out of runway 1L so that they can follow the published PORTE3 departure route. SFO indicated they were unsure if that could be accomplished. We asked why and didn’t really get a clear understanding why.

An ensuing discussion resulted that SFO will meet with the Airlines and try to get them to adopt the FLY Quiet Departure procedure (climb to 3000ft) for PORTE3 (runway 1L) and will report back with the results of that meeting in two weeks.  We asked if they could also look into the staggering of flight in that time as well and they answered “no”.

We really like to acknowledge Ms. Daniels for being completely open and honest with her comments and demeanor and Virgin America for attending the meeting and making recommendations for the group ( FLY Quiet Departure).

We felt the outcome of the meeting has placed the emphasis back on to SFO to resolve this problem.