SFO Noise has been formed to help residents become informed regarding the San Francisco International Airport and it’s subsequent lack of control over plane noise. Our goal is to simplify contacting SFO Noise Abatement program including creating forum to share ideas and approaches to initiate change.



  • #1 written by mikeabney
    about 6 years ago

    I understand the problem. everyone is pointing fingers and nothing is getting done. Before this site I would call and the operator would tell me that it was impossible because no plane was flying over Brisbane at the time she would blame it on Oakland. The FAA has approved flight routs but the pilots cut corners to save gas and time. Fly over Brisbane get there 5 minutes faster. The noise was measured in the 1990’s and determined to be within acceptable averages. The problem is that it is the one plane outside the average that wakes me up every morning.

    I’ll continue complaining but understand no one really cares! The city of Brisbane has an rule that states no loud noises between 8am and 10pm but apparently SFO is non compliant and beyond the reach of the law.

  • #2 written by saubaer
    about 6 years ago

    You have a good point there with the City’s noise ban from 8am to 10 pm and the ridiculous amount of noise that we are now dealing with. I am also awoken every morning at about 6:20 and I have complained numerous times about this particular aircraft/airline. THIS morning at 12:20 am the whole house shook when we had a flyover by a 747 (most likely) headed East across the Bay. I shot off another e-mail as I do sometimes dozens of times in a day. I hope that others will complain and we can get some relief and some sleep.

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